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High Head Slurry Pump Price

High Head Slurry Pump Price

Product Name: High Head Slurry Pump Pump Flow:68-1008m3/h Pump Head:25-130m Pump Speed:500-2200rpm NPSHr:2-12m Driven Type: Electric Motor/Diesel Engine

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High head slurry pump price

HH type pump is a cantilever and horizontal centrifugal slurry pump. It is suitable for conveying strong abrasion and high concentration slag slurry in metallurgy, mining, coal, electric power, building materials and other industrial sectors. The pump has high head and long delivery distance, and can also be used in series.

The shaft seal of HH type pump can adopt packing seal or centrifugal seal, and the discharge outlet position of the pump can be installed and used by rotating eight different angles at 45 ° intervals as required.

High Head slurry pumps

Model Meaning Of HH series high head slurry pump

3 / 2D-HH

3/2 ------ Pump inlet and outlet diameter (mm)

D ------ bracket form

HH ------ High head slurry pump

Performance of HH series high head slurry pump

TYPE 最大力量
Material Clean Water Performance Impeller
Volute Impeller Capacity Q Head Speed Eff NPSHr Vanes Diameter
H N (%) (m) (mm)
(m) (r/min)
M3/h l/s
1.5/1C-HH 30 Cr27 Cr27 16.2-34.2 4.5-9.5 25-92 1400-2200 20 2-5.5 5 330
3/2D-HH 60 Cr27 Cr27 68.4-136.8 19-38 25-87 850-1400 47 3-7.5 5 457
4/3E-HH 120 Cr27 Cr27 126-252 35-70 12-97 600-1400 50 2-5.0 5 508
6/4F-HH 560 Cr27 Cr27 324-720 90 - 200 30-118 600-1000 64 3-8.0 5 711
6S-HH 560 Cr27 Cr27 468-1008 130-280 20-94 500-1000 65 4-12.0 5 711

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